Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Well, I'm about 7 days late on the New Year's post.

I don't have any groundbreaking 2013 goals; I plan to just keep on trucking with work and life, and I know it'll be a fantastic year, whatever it may hold!

But, I did want to recap 2012 briefly, mainly because this year treated me well!


Because I didn't start this blog until March, I honestly have no idea what I did during January and February (besides work a lot). I even looked back at my photos and I don't have a single one for the month of January. Oops. It's like that month never happened!!

But here are the highs and lows for the rest of 2012:

+ went to Savannah, GA for work
+ went to Birmingham, AL for work (crossed this state off my my list)

+ celebrated St. Patrick's Day with Ryan's family
+ went to the mountains
+ ran a 10K
+ our best friend lost his dad

+ trekked to Atlanta for Braves Opening Day
+ celebrated big time The End of Busy Season (my first of many to come)
+ had a blast at the Upstate Beer Festival

+ crossed off another state with a family trip to Arizona and the Grand Canyon

+ finally visited our local zoo for Brew at the Zoo
+ made a trip to Virginia for my grandfather's 94th birthday

+ a week in Litchfield
+ I turned 24, Ryan turned 25, and we took a trip to Asheville to celebrate
+ I visited Texas for the first time when we went to San Antonio

+ started training for the Spinx Half Marathon
+ I made a return trip to Texas, this time to visit Dallas

+ College football kicked off with a Clemson win in Atlanta
+ I made it 5 weeks into training before "quitting"
+ crossed off state #5 for the year with a trip to Boston

+ I fell in love with Mexico (and almost didn't come home)
+ helped my dad celebrate his birthday in the mountains

+ made it to the one year anniversary at my job
+ Lauren and I hosted our first annual Friendsgiving
+ I went to my first NFL game
+ My family celebrated Thanksgiving in the mountains

+ Ryan and I celebrated our one year anniversary in Kentucky
+ my college girlfriends and I had a girls' weekend
+ I finally saw Dave Matthews Band in concert
+ I celebrated Christmas with my family in Anderson
+ Rang in the New Year and celebrated a Clemson bowl game victory against LSU


All in all, I'd say 2012 was a fantastic year. After the whirlwind of 2011 (got my Master's degree, passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam, moved to Greenville, and started my first full-time job), I was due for a calmer year.

I think 2012 was certainly the year of travel! I crossed off 6 states (Alabama, Arizona, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Texas) and one country (Mexico)!

I hope 2013 doesn't let me down - I have high hopes for a stellar year!

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