Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Today, I turn 24 years old.

My 23rd birthday passed in a blur, as I was one month away from finishing graduate school and was in the throes of cramming for the CPA Exam. 

A lot has happened since my last birthday. I received my Master's degree, moved to a new city, passed all four parts of the CPA Exam, started my first big-girl job, ran my first half marathon, went on my first date with Ryan (with many more to follow), survived my first busy season as an auditor, and got a raise.

Life is good. Actually, life is great.

I've learned a thing or two in my twenty four years, or at least I'd like to think I have. Without further ado, my (not all-inclusive) list of 24 things I've learned in 24 years:

1. Few things are greater than a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

2. Proper grammar will get you far in life. Please, do yourself a favor and learn the difference between "your" and "you're" and "there," "their," and "they're."  Your OCD, grammar-nazi friends will thank you.

3. Never, ever miss an opportunity to travel. You'll regret it if you do.

4. You don't need a ton of friends. Just a few really great friends will do just fine. 

5. Don't keep people in your life who bring you down. Surround yourself with people who make you happy. 

6. Read. Whether it be the news, your Twitter feed, or actual books. It's nice to be able to escape to another world every once and awhile.

7. Lazy Sundays should be mandatory. Take a nap. Who cares if there are dishes in the sink and your laundry basket is overflowing? It's much easier to tackle a new week head-on when you feel refreshed and relaxed.

8. Don't stress over the little things. Maybe you had a crappy day at work. Maybe you had a fight with your significant other. Maybe your pants are fitting a little tighter than they did last week. Just go to bed and try again tomorrow. It's a brand new day to get things right.

9. College football will always be the greatest and something you should look forward to every fall. Nothing beats a Saturday cheering your heart out for your favorite team.

10. Cuddling will make you happy.

11. Small purchases can make your whole day. This includes a good-smelling candle, a new lipgloss, or a new pair of underwear. No purchase is too small if it puts a smile on your face.

12. Breakups suck. A lot. No matter how old you get, even if you're the one doing the breaking up, it's still really hard.

13. Remember people's birthdays. Put them on your calendar. That card in the mail or text or phone call can make their whole day.

14. Find something you're interested in and pursue it. Reading, cooking, traveling, running, biking, even shopping. I support them all.

15. Be organized. Your life will be so much easier if you are. 

16. Invest in good shoes and a good suitcase. Again, it'll make your life easier.

17. Laugh. 

18. It's okay to be "that" girl. You know, the one crying in the corner because she misses a boy. It happens. We've all been there.

19. Running is an excellent (and cheaper) form of therapy.

20. You can never have too many long-sleeve t-shirts. Never.

21. My Best Friend's Wedding and Father of the Bride will always make you cry. And laugh, too.

22. Drink lots of water. You might have to pee every thirty minutes, but your body will thank you.

23. A dance party is good for the soul, and you're never too old to partake.

24. Get 8 hours of sleep. Trying to function on less does not bode well. 


Here's to another year! I'm looking forward to whatever it may hold!


Anna said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm a little more than halfway through 24 and I'd have to say it was one of the best years yet. Also LOVED the list, all so very true and important to remember!

Charlotte said...
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