Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Update ~ Snapshots

Finally! A lazy weekend with no plans. I failed miserably at my home decoration project, but that's okay. I've got time to find a new desk; plus, South Carolina is hosting a tax-free weekend in August, so that'll be the perfect time for a big purchase.

This weekend was uneventful, but just what I needed. We played bar golf on Friday night, grilled out on Saturday with Trent and Holly (I tried two recipes I'll post this week), and Lauren, Sarah (our third roomie for a week), and I had brunch this morning, complete with mimosas.

The only thing missing from this weekend was running. It's just so hot. The last thing I want to do on a weekend is get up with the sun to beat the heat. I'm starting to think I'm the only one who's whimping out in this heat. I pass people out running at noon and I'm thinking, "Are they out of their minds??" I've got one week until half-marathon training officially starts, and my endurance isn't quite where I want it to be. But I'm not panicking yet. I'm in better shape now then when I started training last year, and I have 13 weeks to kick it into high gear! I'm just hoping some fall weather makes an appearance sooner rather than later!!

Time for snapshots!

Greenville has the best sunsets
Bar golf! I came in -12 and Ryan won!
This was early on in the night, obviously
John Daly's in mason jars
Sarah and I dancing our faces off to an awesome DJ
Hope everyone is enjoying the end of the weekend and the Olympics! Go USA!


Anna said...

You are not whimping out at all! I haven't ran outside since May...

Charlotte said...

That makes me feel better! My roommate heads out for 5 mile runs at noon like it's no big deal. Haha, makes me feel like a slacker!