Monday, July 23, 2012

San Antonio!

I've been home less than 12 hours and I want to go back already. We had so much in San Antonio this past weekend, and it was great to see Ryan in his own environment, with his family and friends who have known him his whole life. It also helped that Ryan's dad's house was the most beautiful house I've ever stayed in. I felt like I was in a movie all weekend.

The trip was a whirlwind, with people arriving all weekend and a party for 30 with Ryan's extended family at the house on Saturday. Ryan's brother Mike's birthday was on Saturday, so we were celebrating both his and Ryan's from last week. Most of Ryan's family is bi-lingual (and his stepmom speaks 5 languages!) so there was a lot of Spanish being spoken. I had homemade chicken tortilla soup and authentic huevos rancheros made by their housekeeper, Lupe, and I was in heaven.

The only downside to the entire trip was the food poisoning (or some kind of virus) I came down with about an hour before our flight was supposed to take off on Sunday. I was in a ball on the bathroom floor at the same time we needed to leave for the airport. I just couldn't bear to get up and no one would've wanted to stand next to me in an airport in that condition. Ryan and his family were so sweet, giving me medicine and soup, and Ryan and his dad moved our flights to Monday morning to allow me to rest and feel better. Ryan made it back to work for the afternoon, but I just stayed in bed sleeping on and off. Hopefully I'll be able to make up the time later this week!

Now for some pictures from our trip!

Welcome to Texas. It was worth all Ryan's hype. 4 words: Honey butter chicken biscuit
The cupcake tower Juliana made for Ryan and Mike!
Huevos Rancheros
Hello Heaven 

Wine wine wine! 

The little fluffball Parker (and thanks Tyler for that face)
Texas Tequila!

The Alamo 

"Remember the Alabro"
The Riverwalk 

Chicken Tortilla Soup (who cares if it's 100 degrees outside?) 

Dining room table all set for the dinner party!
Family photo (I failed at stealing this dog and bringing it home)
Bacon-wrapped quail 
Papa Berndt manning the grill 

Parker looks creepy. Haha 
Birthday boys!

And bring on the cigars 
Sunday morning naps while watching The British Open

Take me back

It's unfortunately back to reality..

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Anna said...

So jealous! Glad Ryan knew the best thing to order at Whataburger because I think I forgot to mention that good!