Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Update ~ Mountain Weekend

Hi lovelies! I've had quite the busy week/weekend since I last posted! Wednesday included drinks at Nantucket with Lauren's dad who was in town for the day.

Pretty courtyard outside Nantucket

Thursday involved a happy hour at Liberty Taproom for an employee who is leaving our firm.

Friday also was filled with interesting adventures! Our boss had asked me and two other audit staff to be in a video for the Greenville Drive (the minor league baseball team in Greenville). We were promoting the second annual "Drive Business Downtown" event, which involves an afternoon game and then meet-and-greet networking sessions with local CEO's and other businesses.  Let's just say I spend most of my time behind a computer and calculator for a reason...I was not meant to be on camera! I wish I had more pictures of the set, but there wasn't enough time!

Early morning video shoot

After another day at the office, Lauren and I were off to the mountains!! We decided a weekend getaway was much needed, so the car was packed and off we went to Cashiers, NC! Dinner Friday night was at the local brewery and didn't disappoint! I had cheeseburger sliders and Lauren built her own pasta! Post dinner, we enjoyed a bottle of wine and the movie Bridesmaids, which neither of us had seen yet! 

Saturday morning involved some baking. I tried so many new recipes this weekend (4 to be exact), so they'll have to come in a separate post! After breakfast and HUGE mugs of coffee on the porch, we were off to Highlands for some shopping! 

We scored some sweet deals, but mainly just browsed. Our first stop (a must!) was to pick up some Abita Strawberry Lager at a local grocery store. They don't sell it in South Carolina and I was desperate to get my hands on this seasonal delight! I bought everything they had in stock (2 6-packs). It is certainly worth it! 

This post is starting to look like an Abita advertisement! But (and my sister agrees!), it's pretty darn delicious. Katie has been known to pick restaurants based on whether Purple Haze is on draft (Mellow Mushroom being a favorite of ours)! Moving on...

The weather turned out to be beautiful on Saturday. A girl's day with my bestie and some sunshine was all we needed!

Best purchase of the weekend. TERVIS WATER BOTTLE!

Pretty local church

After we got back home, there was more baking (the BEST chocolate chip cookies ever) and then Ryan showed up and Lauren headed back down the mountain!

After Ryan got there, there was wine drinking, basketball watching (LOVE March Madness), appetizer eating (BLT dip), fire building, and grilling out! Dinner (which I failed to take a picture of) was steak, corn on the cob, and asparagus. Poor Ryan just wore short-sleeves and shorts and forgot how chilly the air can be at night! He grilled our dinner in a bathrobe to keep warm! 

Everything seems so much better with a fire in the fireplace and mountain air blowing through the windows!

Sunday I went for a run around a lake nearby. The views were amazing, but trail running is not my forte. I had some pretty severe hip pain afterwards (an injury I've been fighting since before the half-marathon in November). I managed to limp around for the rest of the day Sunday. But most of the day was spent on the couch watching more basketball and napping. Ahh, what great Sundays are made of! The splits for my run turned out great, but I was definitely feeling it afterwards. Only one week till the 10K in Charleston!

The weekend was absolutely perfect and I came back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another week! This will be a short week of work, as Ryan and I are off to Litchfield/Charleston for the race this weekend! I'm getting spoiled with all these mini getaways!

The weekend was capped off with a beautiful orange and purple sunset over Lake Keowee on our drive home. 

God must love Clemson with sunsets like these!
Hope you all had a great weekend! Recipe post to come soon!

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SO much Abita! I love the strawberry ones!!