Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Things Thursday

Happy Thursday! One of my favorite blogs, Ali on the Run, does a weekly post titled "Thankful Things Thursday." I think this will be a great way to take some time each week to be thankful for the little things. They can be silly or legitimate. Either way, it'll be fun for me to reflect back on these posts when I need a pick-me-up!

First, I'm thankful for working 4 10 hour days this week. How has the rest of the business world not caught on to this phenomenon?! I could get so many things done if I had one extra day during the week. And 3-day weekends every weekend? YES PLEASE!

I'm thankful I'll be waking up at the beach tomorrow morning. Litchfield Beach is one of my favorite places. It's perfect for relaxing in the hammock and soaking up the sun. Nothing beats a day on the beach. Hoping for beautiful weather!

I'm thankful for my health. While I've dealt with some random pesky injuries (my hip) during the past couple of months, I'm glad I'll be able to put one foot in front of the other and run this race on Saturday. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the fact that some people don't even have the ability to run. One of my dear dear friend's father is fighting a battle with cancer each day, so I run every mile and pray for him. It gives me the strength to keep going.

I'm thankful for popcorn. Everyone who knows me knows that I consider it a favorite food. I eat it for meals all the time. In grad school, I lived off of popcorn for lunch or as a snack in the library. I have made trips to Target specifically for the $1 popcorn combo. Can't beat it! I rekindled my love when I ate popcorn for dinner last night. I'm not ashamed! :)


I'm thankful for sleeping with the windows open. While Lauren and I live on a pretty busy street and the noise is sometimes bothersome, I love sleeping with the windows open this time of year. We managed to skip spring and go straight to summer. We even broke a few records with the high temperatures recently! I'm cold-natured, so give me 80 degrees and sunny everyday and I'll be an extremely happy girl. 

Hello nice weather!
 And last but not least, I'm thankful (actually, excited) for my new Tervis water bottle. I've always loved Tervis cups but the water bottle is a great addition to my collection! The ice doesn't melt for a solid 5 hours and the bottle doesn't sweat AT ALL! It's going to be great on the beach!

Well, I'm headed out for the road trip to the beach. 5 hours in the car calls for lots of snacks! Hope you all had a great day! Almost the weekend!

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