Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dream Come True ~ Dave Matthews Band Concert

I can't believe it's been a week and a half before I could post about one of the greatest things ever that has happened to me! Okay, a tad dramatic, but I'm a girl. Go with it.

A friend mentioned to me a few weeks ago that the Dave Matthews Band was touring with another favorite band of mine, The Lumineers. The particular concert she was referencing happened to be in Philly, so I didn't think too much about the tour coming anywhere close to SC.

Rewind a few years: I've always wanted to see DMB in concert. As most kids my age, I fell in love with him in high school, jamming out to every CD I could get my hands on. When he toured every year, he always came to Charlotte, but I was never able to make it. My senior year of high school, he happened to be playing the same week I was on a mission trip with my church, so all of my friends decided to go to the concert without me. So of course, when he was touring the following year, no one wanted to see the concert again. Bummer. I made another failed attempt to go with Ryan in May this year, but he didn't want to spend money on a concert so close to his trip to Bonnaroo. Double Bummer.

So after my conversation with Sarah, while I was wasting time on the internet, I happened upon DMB's website where I find out they're playing the following week in Duluth, GA, a mere hour and a half away from Greenville. I almost jumped out of my chair and immediately called Ryan telling him we had. to. go.

Like the fabulous boyfriend that he is, he didn't skip a beat and said "Sure babe! Sounds like fun! I've never seen DMB live." I purchased the tickets on StubHub and just had to wait one short week before seeing DMB!

The Lumineers put on a fantastic show, albeit a tab short, and then it was time for the main event!

Dave played a lot of his new songs, which I didn't know as well as some of his older songs, but the concert was still a great time.

We got a bonus surprise when Zac Brown (from the Zac Brown Band) made a guest appearance to sing "All Along the Watchtower." The crowd went nuts.

Dave played for over 3 hours, and it was certainly worth the 1 am bedtime and multiple cups of coffee at work the next day!

I think I'm still likely to say that John Mayer was my favorite concert of all time (simply because I could sing along to every song he played), but I certainly got to cross something off my bucket list by seeing Dave Matthews live!

Time to share: What's the best concert you've ever been to?!

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Anna said...

So glad you got to see them! I've seen them twice, once with ZBB which was awesome. Some of my friends went to this show in Charlottesville, VA which I was super jealous about because I also LOVE the Lumineers!