Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Update ~ Mountain Getaway

I rounded out my third weekend out of town by spending it in the mountains with Ryan, my parents, and my parent's best friends, Ted and Becky.

Friday was my dad's birthday, so we celebrated with dinner at Lakeside Restaurant in Highlands, NC.  It was a cute little restaurant situated on a small lake with mountain views. The fish was fresh out of North Carolina waters and quite good! I had crab-stuffed rainbow trout, but Ryan and Ted decided to tackle a whole bass! I made sure Ryan pointed those fish-eyes away from me while we ate!

Happy Birthday Dad! 

We had a lazy Saturday. Ted and my dad went fishing, my mom and Becky went shopping, so Ryan and I do what we do best: drink beer and watch football! We went to my favorite brewery to catch the noon games, took naps on the couch afterwards, then had a delicious dinner at the house! 

The house! 
Taking Ted and Becky's dog, Scarlet, for a morning walk! 
View from the brewery

Someone's worn out but ready for dinner!
I've spent today essentially unpacking three weeks worth of clothes, did 6 loads of laundry, and now we're gearing up to watch the Packers on Sunday Night Football. 

I'm so glad the next 6 weekends don't require packing a suitcase! We'll be traveling to Clemson for 4 more home games, but plan to stay in Greenville as much as possible! All this traveling has worn me out - but I wouldn't change it for the world!

I plan on sharing some more recipes from the weekend soon! 

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