Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekend Update ~ Halloween

Hi friends! Sorry for the disappearing act! I was really busy with after-work activities last week and then my computer decided to go on the fritz over the weekend. Nothing the MAC geniuses couldn't fix in less than 3 minutes, making me feel completely and utterly useless when it comes to technology! I thought for sure my 5 year-old MacBook Pro was gone!

But let me recap the weekend now that I'm back in action and can upload my photos!

Clemson played a Thursday night game against Wake Forest last week (and won!) so we had a free weekend and no team to watch! Our friends Trent and Holly both went to UGA for grad school and invited us all over to watch the UGA/FLA game on Saturday afternoon. Many pumpkin beers, buffalo chicken bites (recipe coming soon!!), and other snacks were consumed, all while cheering UGA to a victory!

Riley (the dog) even had a great time playing "Ruferee"

I may have mentioned how much I hate don't care for Halloween, and of course my friends wanted to dress up and head downtown Greenville on Saturday night. I fought with them all day long about my dislike of the holiday and refused to dress up. I know I'm the only one on the planet who feels this way, but we're too old to dress up anymore. I'm all for celebrating the holiday if little kids are involved and certainly would never turn away trick-or-treaters. But come on guys, we're 24! TOO OLD! (End rant)

Ryan already happened to be wearing his Texas Rangers baseball t-shirt and begged me to wear my Braves t-shirt so we could go as angry baseball fans. If you follow MLB at all, you'll know that they changed the playoff rules this season and both the Rangers and Braves were in separate Wild Card games, which was basically a "sudden death" entry into the division playoffs. Both of our teams lost, and Ryan and I have refused to watch the World Series as a protest of the new rules this year. After much convincing, I threw on Holly's baseball jersey, we donned homemade signs, and I begrudingly headed downtown with the rest of our crew.

And that is how I reluctantly spent my Halloween.

You might also remember I was supposed to run a 5K this weekend. Yeah, that didn't happen either, and the only reason I have is because I'm lazy.

Hope everyone is staying safe/warm/dry during this crazy weather we're having lately thanks to Hurricane Sandy. I'm working at a client in the mountains of NC this week and I must say I'm not quite ready for this wintry mix that's falling! I still refuse to turn on the heat because I'm stubborn like that :)

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