Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend Update ~ Football, NFL Style

Another weekend update!?

 A week late, but you get the idea.

Last weekend was filled with lots of sports. I told Ryan he's lucky I love sports as much as I do; otherwise, he'd be doing all this spectating alone!

The Clemson basketball team was playing Furman, a small university in Greenville, on Friday night in Greenville, so a group of us bought tickets. Ryan played basketball in high school, really loves the sport, and had a great time giving me a thorough background of every new player. Plus, Clemson won, so everyone went home happy!

(I forgot to snap a picture, but the concession stands at Furman are "all you can eat!" How legit is that?)

We were up early Saturday to head to Clemson to cheer the Tigers to another victory against NC State. A few of my college roommates were in town so it was great to have everyone together again!

Sunday was the grand finale of our sports-filled weekend: my first NFL game!! I've never taken professional football too seriously because it's all about college football here in the south, and South Carolina doesn't have a professional team. My mom grew up in Charlotte, NC, so we've always casually followed the Panthers and were thrilled when they made it to the Super Bowl a few years ago. 

But now that Ryan has to keep his eye on several fantasy football teams and his beloved Packers, Sundays are usually spent horizontal on the couch watching more football! It's a way for me to still get my football fix since we usually miss all the college games when we're out tailgating. 

My dad hooked us up with some awesome tickets to the Panthers game and he and my mom picked us up in Greenville so we could head to NC for the game! It was another chilly day outside, but we had a great time! The Panthers are actually terrible this year, but I still had fun cheering and taking in the atmosphere! 

I'm hoping it won't be my last NFL game, either! 

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Amy said...

How fun!! I love sports too, and I'm also going to my first NFL game this year! I'm gonna see the Panthers, too! Versus the Chargers, can't wait!!