Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty low-key but awesome! The weather was great and Ryan and I crossed something off my bucket list!

I spent 3 hours in the Apple Store Friday trying to get all my photos transferred from my old phone to my new iPhone 5 (which I love). After that long process, I headed to the Fresh Market and picked up some steak and chicken kabobs for Ryan and me to grill. Top that off with a bottle of red wine and that's my kind of Friday!

Saturday we were up early because I had rented bikes for us for a half-day. We went to Starbucks and picked up some fuel (coffee for me, bagels for both of us). I was so excited to finally cash in on my Living Social deal. I now have my eye on a used bike (it's mint green and so aborable) so I can cruise around all the time! I'm obsessed! We biked 30 miles!

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a great running/biking trail that goes right through the city of Greenville and then extends to other towns on either side of the city. We rode the trail all the way to the end in Traveler's Rest (almost to the mountains) before we turned around. We passed Furman University along the way and stopped to take some pictures around the lake. The leaves were so pretty even this late into the season!

We celebrated with post bike-ride brews at Ale House, then napped before watching our Tigers beat up on the Duke Blue Devils! I must admit, after we were winning by almost 30 points, I kind of lost interest. We spent the rest of the evening switching between the other exciting football games (Bama/LSU, Kansas St/Oklahoma St, and Oregon/USC).

We had brunch this morning at Mary Beth's, where I gobbled down some pumpkin spice pancakes. Now I've got a beef stew cooking in the crockpot in preparation for dinner with Trent and Holly and the whole apartment is sparkling clean!

I'd say that's a pretty successful weekend!

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