Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Bucket List

Happy First Day of Fall, y'all!!

Gorgeous fall day in Cashiers, NC
It never occured to me to do a bucket list for each season, until I saw them on two of my favorite blogs, Hungry Meets Healthy and In The Pink & Green. Remember when I talked about fall being my favorite season, but it always goes by so fast that I don't get to take advantage of it? Well, I'm here to remedy that with a fall bucket list of my own! This will ensure I cross off all the things about fall that make me smile - and I have until December 21st to do it!

1. Try a Pumpkin recipe

Perhaps this Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread, this Pumpkin Crunch Cake, or holy cow, these mini Pumpkin Spice donuts.

2. Go apple picking

This is something I've never done, which is pretty unacceptable considering how close I live to NC mountains and what I'm assuming are some pretty awesome apple orchards.

3. Carve a pumpkin

I haven't carved a pumpkin on Halloween since this little guy in 2008. Lauren and I should definitely decorate our little porch with two pumpkin friends this year. Halloween is actually my least favorite holiday (I know), but there's no harm in doing a little celebrating with this tradition!

4. Run a 5K

After dropping out of the half marathon, I'm still looking forward to running the Big Punkin' 5K this fall. I went backwards in my race distances; I started with a half marathon, then ran a 10K, now I'm finally tackling the shortest distance. Weird.

5. Visit Boston

In less than one week, Ryan and I will be in Boston! I'm hoping for crisp fall weather and changing leaves! I've been wanting to visit Boston for so long, and couldn't think of another perfect time than when Clemson is playing BC. I've heard the whole town is full of Clemson orange with visitors in town for the game! Can't wait! Things we're hoping to do/see: Fenway, Sam Adams Brewery, Harvard University, and take a Boston duck tour!

6. Take a trip to the mountains (or two or three)

View from our porch in the mountains
My parents bought a timeshare for a mountain home in Cashiers, NC a few years back, as my dad has always been more of a mountain person (for the colder weather, fishing, photography, and hiking) than a beach person. We get to go about 4 times a year and we always schedule a week for my dad's birthday in October. If we're lucky, the leaves have already started changing colors and the weather has turned cooler. It's one of my favorite family vacations (even though my sister has never gotten to come). We're actually spending Thanksgiving up there as well (which Katie will get to attend, hopefully)!

Our college friends are also trying to plan a mountain weekend, hopefully in November. The thought of piling into a cabin, watching football, reminiscing about college, and sitting in front of a fire with my best friends has me practically giddy.

Lauren and me in Cashiers, NC, Fall 2011
7. Make a pot of chili

My mom makes a vegetarian chili every year when we're in the mountains, usually eaten for dinner while watching a Clemson away game and sitting in front of the fire. However, I've never made chili myself. Maybe I'll get the chance when we go to the mountains with our friends; it's the easiest way to feed a bunch of hungry mouths! I'm not sure the guys would take too kindly to the meatless version, even if I swear to them it's hearty!

(I also want to try and make cornbread, too...perfect to go with a pot of chili!)

8. Ride bikes on the Swamp Rabbit Trail

I bought a Living Social deal for a 4 hour bike rental for Ryan and me. I've been saving it for fall when the weather is nicer and so we'll have a view like this on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I haven't been on a bike since our family rented them in Sonoma and rode them to different wineries. Hopefully this adventure will be a smoother ride (I blame the wine)

Greenville is such a pretty city and I feel like we don't take advantage of it enough. Fall will be the perfect opportunity to soak up the trail and enjoy nature!

9. Enjoy as much football and tailgating as possible

Our last home game as students, Fall 2009
College football is probably one of the main reasons I'm so in love with fall and Clemson is absolutely beautiful this time of year. Nothing beats walking to class while crunching fallen leaves under your feet. 

We have more home games towards the end of the season this year, which I couldn't be more excited about. It's just hard to get into a football game when it's 95 degrees out. But for those October and November home games, when the air is crisp and everyone is piling into Death Valley at sunset to cheer the Tigers on, life really doesn't get any better than that.

Geez, can you tell I get extremely nostalgic for my alma mater?

10. Celebrate one year with Ryan

In the mountains, March 2012
I tend to count anything after Thanksgiving as "winter," and our anniversary is December 6th, but winter doesn't technically start until December 21, so this still falls in the "fall season." (I might have just won an award for using the most commas in a single sentence) Nonetheless, I'm excited to celebrate one year with Ryan - he's my best friend and I love him to death, mainly for keeping me grounded and making me smile every day!

11. Buy a fall-scented candle

I purchased a woodwick one from Pier 1 last year and it reminded me of Thanksgiving any time I burned it. This year, I have my eye on Rewined's fall exclusive, "Spiced Cider," which is described as "fresh apple, clove, cinnamon, and a shot of buttered rum." YES PLEASE!

12. Take more pictures

Can't help falling in love with a view like this!
Since starting the blog, I've definitely gotten better about documenting my life through photos. I did really well in college but slacked off during grad school and some of last year; I practically have no photographs from that period of time, which is a shame because we had such a great time as a group!

With lots of vacations this fall (Boston, Mexico, and several mountain getaways), I vow to take more pictures! At least I have to now, for the sake of the blog!


I want to start crossing things off right now! Oh fall, please don't fly by, because I'm so excited you're finally here!

What are some "must do" items on your fall bucket list? Please share with me!


Kristin W said...

Totally awesome fall bucket list! I'm thinking I should do one too! I think you've got quite a few things I want to accomplish!

Anna said...

Love all of these, I've been daydreaming of all the fall-ish things I want to do! Fall candles are my absolute fave, I go through so many and found that Walmart actually has some awesome ones. Their Mulled Cider is great and it's like $3 or $5 for a 3-wick one!