Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Update ~ Brew at the Zoo & Father's Day

Is it Sunday already? I feel like the weekend just started! Another great one in the books! Here's a recap in pictures from the weekend:

Friday ~ Brew at the Zoo

Slap on koozies! My fave!
Lazy Saturday ~ Farmer's market, brunch, mani/pedi, afternoon at the pool, dinner on the grill, and an early bedtime while watching golf

Father's  Day ~ Morning run, brunch with the parents in Anderson, afternoon lying on the couch watching the US Open, grilling out again, and packing for a work trip to Grundy, VA (yeah...serious mountain country)

It was great to celebrate today with my dad - he's by far the smartest, most patient, well-respected man I know and the best dad I could ever ask for! 

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