Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Update ~ Old Friends!

A rainy Sunday seems like a perfect excuse for a movie and a nap on the couch, don't ya think?

This weekend was extremely low-key. Friday night was happy hour at Smoke on the Water (oh my, so delicious) and dinner with coworkers. I headed home before midnight and was asleep once my head hit the pillow.

Saturday was the highlight of the weekend though! One of my best friends and roommates from college was in town from California! And with her? Her adorable 9 month old daughter, Caroline! Something about having Sara in town had me feeling nostalgic, and I spent most of Saturday morning flipping through old pictures. Let's take a trip down memory lane!

Southern Belles, Freshman Year, Spring 2007
First Friday, Sophomore Year, Fall 2007
In our dorm room on the hall!
Semiformal, Sophomore Year, Fall 2007
Spring Shag, Sophomore Year, Spring 2008
Semiformal, Junior Year, Fall 2008
Tacky Christmas, Junior Year, Fall 2008
Formal, Junior Year, Spring 2009
Bid Day, Senior Year, Fall 2009
Graduation, Senior Year, Fall 2009
First Football Game, Grad School, Fall 2010
Sara and Jim's Engagement Party, Summer 2011
Bachelorette Party #1, Greenville, Summer 2011

Bachelorette #2, Charlotte, Summer 2011 
Rehearsal Dinner, Rock Hill, Summer 2011
THE BRIDE, June 18, 2011

Baby Caroline
Our first girl's night, October 2011 
What a model! June 2012
Sara and I definitely go wayyy back! I miss late nights on the ZTA hall where we'd stay up all night talking about boys! Now she's married and lives with her hubby in California on the naval base. And she took my little niece with her!

We hung out with Caroline Saturday and then ordered pizza with Sara's mom and sister. Who doesn't love a 3 generation girl's night? So much fun. I love old friendships!

Hope y'all had a great weekend, too!

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