Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Intervention Needed

Y'all. I need help.

I can't stop shopping!

Apparently I think I'm going on vacation, like tomorrow, because I keep buying things I don't really need quite yet.

Case in point:

My new bag from Jon Hart Design. It's called the Daytripper and I'm obsessed. The bags are handmade in San Antonio, so Ryan's whole family has pieces from the luggage collection. I didn't really think much about his square duffle that he carries everywhere, but his sister Laurel had this style bag in a different color when she came to visit, and I knew I just had to order one.

I almost never have a carry-on when I fly. I always just carry my regular purse and my suitcase. But when we go to Texas this year, I think I'm going to need to figure out how to bring just a carry-on for 10 days and 4 cities (San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Cabo, whew)! This bag will be a perfect tote to fit all my stuff!

Ryan wanted to buy it for me for my birthday, but I told him I just couldn't wait that long! It's just waiting patiently under my bed to be taken on an adventure! Hurry up, New Orleans!

Some other things I've recently purchased:

New beach cover-ups from Loft. I've worn the same cover-up since college and it's just a solid black dress from Victoria's Secret, so I figured it was time to spruce up my collection! I really hope they fit!

I had to replace my pair of grey Tom's because I've worn them so much they had a hole in the toe! I went with this cute lighter grey pair and think they'll be perfect for summer.

Then somehow, these wedges made it into my shopping cart, too. Oops.

One last vacation item I purchased at Target:

Can y'all tell I'm just really excited for Spring/Summer and to take a vacation??

Have you bought anything cute for Spring recently? As if I need any more ideas!

GFC Lovin

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Allison said...

I haven't gone into Target this spring yet for that very reason!! I know if I went in there I would have to snatch up all of their fun spring items. Love what you picked out!