Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Update

Happy Monday! It's a rainy one here in Greenville, but as long as it's not 50 degrees anymore, I don't mind one bit!

This weekend was full of so many great things! Because my coworker and I didn't get home until 9:30 pm on Thursday night from our client in Charlotte, I only had to work 3 hours Friday morning in the office and then I headed to the pool!

Friday night, my coworker and I met downtown at the new rooftop wine bar, Sip, which I'm kind of in love with. I've been saying Greenville needed a rooftop bar for so long, and this one has the coolest atmosphere! Since it was opening day, they were still working out some kinks, but the line to get inside was 30 people deep! We'll be sure to go back on a less-crowded evening!

Then we met the guys at Grill Marks for dinner and devoured burgers and fries. I had a really hard time not ordering an alcoholic milkshake..

The snapshots from my Saturday and Sunday look like this:

We made the trek to Clemson for the spring game, and my life was complete with a little football and tailgating. We stopped at Clemson's most famous bar, The Esso Club, for drinks and dinner after the game, and we got to pretend like we were still in college at least for a little bit. Man I miss it.

And then Sunday was one of the most super productive days I've had in awhile. Since I crashed the night before after we got back from Clemson (before 10 pm, oops), I was wide awake at 6 am!

I drank my coffee (and enjoyed my new lilac gel mani!) and lounged around for a few hours before I was ready to tackle the day my closet.

I've been meaning to get in my closet for a giving away spree and a little spring cleaning, and I managed to donate two trash bags full of clothes and shoes! I took my donation to Goodwill and plopped myself on the couch for the rest afternoon to watch The Masters! Ryan had tickets to go with our friend Chase on Sunday, and he sweetly brought me back a Tervis tumbler last night! I was literally screaming at the TV during the playoff yesterday. I could just spread Adam Scott on a cracker - what a cutie! So happy he won! However, I'm a little ticked off that Ryan didn't bring Adam home instead, but whatever.

It's looking like I'll be out of town traveling for the next 4 weekends, so I was quite excited to spend this one lounging around and having some fun!

Hope y'all had a great weekend as well!


Tami said...

Hey girl! Stopping by from the linkup. That rooftop bar looks AMAZING. And how about Adam Scott? Yes, please! Hope you have a great Monday :)

Sarah said...

Hi Charlotte! Just hopped over from the link party and I AGREE about Adam Scott. And the best part? His accent. It's ADORABLE! Anyway, have a great week!

PS - I see that you have word verification... see my 2nd to last post on how to get rid of it!

Adrienne @ BlackWhiteColor said...

Love your nails! So jealous of the rooftop bar!! I live in Louisiana and I would love one of those, but it's so dang humid here that nobody would go...or we would all look a hot mess if we did haha. Stopping over from the linkup!

Night Owler said...

Hey there. Stopping by from the hop at the link party. Looked like you had a blast the weekend. :D

Night owler

Jessica @ City Sequins said...

Ahhh I can't wait to check out Sip...and what is this about milkshakes with booze?! I've never tried that Marks place, but always have been interested in going in!