Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Day in Asheville

On Sunday, Ryan and I headed to Asheville to frolic around for the day.

First stop: Tupelo Honey Cafe

Hot damn, that restaurant is delicious. I'm counting down the days until they open in Greenville, just so I can get my hands on those biscuits again.

Next Stop: The Biltmore Estate

Ryan had never been before, but we decided to forego the house tour so we can go back and see it decorated at Christmas! We wandered around outside the house for a bit, but I really wanted to see the gardens!

Every spring, they plant tons of tulips in the garden and I was freaking out over how pretty it was.

I probably would've just laid down in the field of tulips and taken a nap if they would've let me!

Next stop: Biltmore Winery

A free tasting was included in our ticket, and we took full advantage by tasting all 20 wines they had available. Ryan and I were both surprised to find we liked one of their Chardonnays the best (it's our least favorite wine), so we purchased a bottle and a cheese plate and soaked up the sunshine on the winery's patio.

Next stop: Downtown Asheville

Drinks at Thirsty Monk and dinner at The Southern (both are places we had visited back in July)

Final Stop: The Sky Bar

My coworker, Whitney, used to live in Asheville and told me this place had the best view of Asheville (I'd have to agree with her)! The bar is a little secretive in that you enter through the old Flatiron building and ring a doorbell for the elevator attendant. He then takes you up to the 8th floor in the hand-operated elevator, and you step outside into the "bar," which is basically just 3 levels of fire escapes. They had a fire brewing on the middle level, so Ryan and I huddled there to watch the sunset.

A perfect ending to a perfect day in Asheville!

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Rachael Finley said...

Oh my gosh, Biltmore looks amazing in spring. I was there at Christmas and while the educations were great, I would have loved to come at a time when the flowers were in bloom!

Helene said...

looks like you guys had a blast! that tupelo honey cafe...my mouth was watering!!

Amie said...

Wow, beatiful pictures! That estate looks gorgeous and all the food looks delicious!

Jess said...

Wine and cheese, ah! I`ve never actually been wine tasting, but I`m dying to go this spring!

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Cortney said...

What an awesome trip! And a bottle of wine and a cheese plate after a great little wine tasting? Romantic.

Samantha Hunt said...

My grandpa lived in Asheville for years and I never made it to the Biltmore. AH! Your pictures are convincing me that I need to go there asap.