Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Update ~ No more work!

I guess you can tell by the title of this post that I'm no longer required to work on the weekends! See ya busy season; it's been real (<-- but really, you suck, so don't hurry back)!

This weekend was off to a bumpy start. My 95-year-old grandfather is in the hospital again after a series of falls and health concerns - prayers greatly appreciated! I was really just in the mood for a low-key weekend involving a whole lot of laying around and enjoying the sunshine.

Here are some snapshots:

{L to R, Top to Bottom}: Brunch on the patio at Local Taco on Saturday morning | Breakfast downtown at a delish new bagel place, Sully's Steamers, on Sunday | Afternoon naps by the pool | Pork and veggie kebabs for dinner Sunday | Wine + Rangers | Packing for my week in Charlotte for work

{Not pictured}: Cocktails at Roost and dinner at The Cazbah Friday night, and an afternoon run on Saturday with Ryan

I'm glad to be getting a change of scenery this week by working in Charlotte. It's always fun to sleep in a big king size bed all by yourself for a few days!

Did everyone else have a nice, relaxing, warm weekend?


Helene said...

looks like a fun weekend! and yay for no more work on the weekends! my friend did that ugh! I am ready to have her back!

Sami said...

Jealous of your work trip to Charlotte! My blog friend Alexa lives there and I'm dying to go :) Thanks for linking up!

Amy Powell said...

yay! glad you get weekends off :) looks like you made good use of your time!

xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May