Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday

I'm not sure if it's because it's been raining in Greenville since, oh, Thanksgiving, but I have never been more ready for Spring and Summer!

Come May, I've got a pretty exciting lineup of vacations planned for the rest of the year. Bear with me while I dream about the future...

Ryan and I made a pretty spontaneous decision to go to Hangout Music Festival this year! Ryan's been before, and I figure I'm only going to be young enough to camp out in a tent for 3 days and jam out to countless bands on the beach for so long, so this is going to be the year!

We're still waiting on the last headliner to be announced before we buy tickets, but it's a pretty great lineup so far:
The remainder of the month of May is going to be a whirlwind, as Ryan is the groomsman in our friend's wedding in Columbia, SC, and then the next morning we're hopping on a plane to:


My family typically takes a trip around Memorial Day as it always falls on my parent's wedding anniversary. We haven't been out to San Francisco to see my sister in at least a year (she's made several trips back East though), so we've decided to head west for our vacation. If you remember last year, we met her in the middle in Arizona and had a blast.

The agenda is looking roughly like this: 3 days in Lake Tahoe, 3 days in Napa/Sonoma, and a final day traipsing around San Francisco. Rough life.

Ryan has only been to California a few times when he was younger, so I'm excited for him to go back with me! I've already started compiling a list of restaurants I want to hit while we're there (Bakesale Betty's being one of them - Katie start taking notes!)

The best part? I get to cross another state off my list!

Having a relative who lives in San Francisco definitely makes it easier; she's a built-in tour guide! She starts thinking way in advance about restaurants we need to try and makes sure we visit the best wineries. I'm only hoping the weather will cooperate!

I think I've only been able to capture one non-foggy picture of the bridge!
Then we'll be able to sit and enjoy our wine outside!
Bella Wine Cave, Sonoma, CA
As if that isn't going to be the trip of the lifetime, Ryan and I have another trip lined up that I'm super excited about. I love that Ryan's family still lives in Texas, because it gives me a chance to explore a new state all while spending time with them! Last year, we took two separate trips to San Antonio and Dallas but we always lose almost a whole day flying back and forth. 

Ryan's mom and stepdad are generously taking us back to Mexico at the end of July and I'm pretty pumped about waking up to this view again:

And since we're already flying to Texas, I suggested to Ryan that we just take an entire 7 days off and visit San Antonio first before going to Dallas and flying to Mexico. 

You know what else I dreamed up? We can rent a car and stay in Austin for a night or two!

I've only been to Texas twice, but people are always telling me what a great city Austin is, and I've been dying to go. In true Charlotte fashion, I've already started a list of restaurants that we must visit in our 24+ hours in Austin. But I'd love some more suggestions if y'all have them!

Can you tell I'm ridiculously excited for this year? I know March and April will fly by and then it'll be a whirlwind of travel and hopefully moving into a new house (I still haven't found one)!

Do y'all have any fun trips planned this year? Do you have any suggestions for my trip(s)? Napa, San Fran, Lake Tahoe, Texas?!

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Melissa Jo said...

I couldnt up but giggle, my coworkers 4 year old little girl LOVES her Jason Isbell and calls him her boyfriend. I think it's too cute! You have a ton of traveling ahead of you and they all look like a blast. Right now all I have is planned is Chicago in may!