Friday, February 8, 2013

The search continues..

I promise I didn't mean to leave you with such a cliffhanger.

But I'm sure you all know by now, if I had good news to report, I would've done so sooner.

The house was a major letdown.

Actually, the house was perfect. Hardwood floors, ample closet space, a garage, an open kitchen with an island and a direct view of the fireplace, and an extra large patio for entertaining with my best friends and family.

The location - not so much. The house was on a busy street and all you could hear was street noise when you stepped inside. This was probably something that wouldn't bother me; I live on a crowded street now. But for resale value, that was a red flag. And that perfect patio I mentioned? It had a direct view of the street. There were no trees, no fence, nothing in the way of privacy. I've been dreaming of the parties I could throw on my non-existent back porch, but I hadn't planned on inviting the entire city of Greenville to watch. Sigh.

So we're back to square one. I have no houses currently in the running as even a possibility, but my realtor promises me the right house will come along.

In the meantime, I'm dreaming up a color scheme for the yet-to-be-found new house.

I want a dreamy, cozy, dark grey bedroom like this one:

A cream, blue, grey, and yellow living room complete with a sectional couch:
And a bright, airy kitchen like this one:
Finding the right house is only half the battle right? Then you get to decorate and furnish the whole thing!
All images via Pinterest.
What's your favorite color scheme? I am 100% a lover of all things blue, if you couldn't tell already.

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Anna said...

Good things come to those who wait! It's good you were able to spot all of those signs instead of digging in. We're getting ready to look at houses (just to rent) and there are SO many different things to think about it's insane!