Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Happenings

There's been a change of plans!

Instead of starting my Paleo challenge on April 1st, I've decided to start today! That's only because I'm going to need my game face (and party pants on) when..


When Hangout Music Festival released their final headliner (Stevie Wonder), Ryan and I were less than enthusiastic. We were hoping for someone way cooler, and our excitement for the festival quickly waned. We hadn't bought tickets yet, so we just decided not to go.

And then somehow, after my sister was freaking out about John Mayer going on tour again, we were looking at tour locations, and this idea formed that we should go to New Orleans to see him perform at the Jazz Festival. Next thing I knew, our hotel was booked, Katie's flight was booked from San Francisco, and I was making a list of restaurants doing some research on the city!

I am so, so excited about this trip! I've never been to New Orleans and was desperately needing something to look forward to at the end of busy season that wasn't two months away (our trip to Tahoe/SF) (<-- yes, I can be a bit impatient)!

Our plan is to attend the festival on Friday (when John is playing) and then again on Sunday to see Dave Matthews, B.B. King, Earth, Wind, & Fire, etc. and spend Saturday sightseeing! Ryan and I will be making the extra long road trip on Thursday night after work so we can wake up bright and early and get the party started!

Have any of you been to New Orleans? Tell me everything! I've been using my trusty Foursquare app of "must see's" and I already made reservations for us at Emeril's restaurant NOLA. I may or may not be a tad excited. Woohoo!

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Helene said...

i am oozing jealousy right now. i loveeee new orleans and jazz fest so much!

Kristin Dawn said...

Hey, new follower from the Friend Connect blog hop. Looking forward to checking out your blog some more! :)


Andrea H. said...

NOLA is amazing!! And I've heard that Jazz Fest is the best time to go. Enjoy :)


Melissa Jo said...

NOLA is one of my favorite cities!!! Make sure you make time for Cafe DuMonde!