Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Update ~ St. Patty's Day + Family

Ryan and I were both pretty darn excited to have his family back in town this past weekend. He only gets to see them a few times a year, so we always have so much fun when they come to Greenville and it's awesome to show them our cute little town!

Friday night, we had a pretty amazing dinner at Rick Erwin's, the well-known (locally owned!) steakhouse in Greenville. The steaks there are incredible and we had a great waiter - he even packed up another two loaves of freshly-baked bread for me to take home! What can I say? This girl loves her carbs.

We always find ourselves at Nose Dive afterwards for shots cocktails.

We might be holding hands here..

Total Bros

Laurel and Scott (Ryan's Stepdad)
Little Bro ("Ryan, your girl makes me look good" - gotta love him!)
 And while I must say, these pictures came out nicely - let me take you on a tour of the pictures that it took just to get 5 presentable ones...

So yeah, there's that.

Ryan hasn't quite figured out that if he just smiled for the first picture, we wouldn't have to take 15 more...

We were all moving a little slow on Saturday morning, but finally made it out to Smoke on the Water for lunch. We wanted to sit outside since the weather was gorgeous (hello 70s and sunny), but everyone else in Greenville had a similar idea. All we needed was some greasy burgers and mac and cheese and we were ready to celebrate St. Patty's Day!
We went to Liberty Tap Room afterwards, since they have one of my favorite outdoor patios. However, all the tables were full there too. We all piled into a booth inside (boo) and settled in for hours to play a game Ryan's brother, Mike, taught us.
Everyone writes down the name of a person (real or fictional) on a napkin and then passes it to another person at the table. You show your napkin to the group, but can't look at it yourself. You then have to ask the group Yes/No questions in order to figure out who you are ("Am I real? Am I female? Am I alive?" etc.) If you get a "no" answer, your turn is over and it moves on to the next person in the group. It's a pretty funny game and keeps everyone engaged and laughing. We played so many rounds, we all finally had to start keeping notes to keep it straight!
Some of the funniest and hardest to figure out amongst the group were Santa Claus, Mrs. Piggy, Smokey the Bear, Forrest Gump, Adam Sandler, and Celine Dion.

Then it was time for dinner! I made reservations for us at Nantucket, since everyone was craving seafood after having steak the night before. Nantucket happens to also be owned by Rick Erwin, and the food is fantastic. I can't say we had a bad dish at the table!
Our girl Victoria is now engaged! Weee!
 We finished the night off with lots of green beverages (they even dyed Ryan's mom's wine green!) at Nose Dive, and Ryan had a drink named after him!
Once the parents called it a night (at 1 am), the kids made one last bar stop, On The Roxx, which is where all good nights should end. They finally kicked us out at 2 am and we had to drag Mike away from the cute bartender. :)
Ryan and I had a slumber party in Laurel and Victoria's hotel room Saturday night, which provided some great laughs. I sure love this family!
Sunday morning came, we had one last meal at Tommy's Country Ham House, and everyone ate absolutely way too much (Mike ordered a patty melt with a side of western omelet). It was hard telling everyone goodbye, but we have Mexico to look forward to!
We got back to Ryan's apartment, and while I'm unloading the car, Ryan thought it'd be nice to take a little nap:
And that pretty much sums up our weekend!


Jessica @ City Sequins said...

Looks like you had such a fun weekend at some of my fav places! We need some more of that gorgeous weather :)

Amy said...

I LOVE your shirt and necklace in those first pictures!! So pretty!

Sounds like it was a great weekend!