Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Update ~ Oyster Roast

It's always hard to go back to sitting at my desk on Monday morning after such a wonderful weekend!

Back in February, our college friends had planned an oyster roast at our friend Drew's house in Augusta, SC. Unfortunately, his fiance Lindsey's grandmother died the weekend we had planned our reunion, so we had to postpone it.

Well we lucked out with our rescheduling, as this weekend was the warmest weather we've had since last fall. I ended up getting quite sunburned after sitting outside for 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday. My pale skin hasn't seen the sun since October!

It's always fun getting back together with college friends. I've known most of them since grad school, although Ryan has been friends with them since freshman year of college. I just kinda adopted them as my friends too.

Here's a few scenes from the weekend:

Side note: The other two girls on the trip, Lindsey and Haley, are identical twins, so you'll definitely have to do a double-take! But after spending the whole weekend with them, I can now official tell them apart!

Clockwise from top left, #1: Haley and Travis (Ryan's roommate) high-fiving. The best part of the picture is Sadie, the dog, sitting in the chair beside Haley. She's totally convinced she's a real person.

#2: Drew and Sadie! Ryan and Drew got the dog in college when they lived together. Drew took the time to train Sadie to hunt with him, so when they graduated, Sadie went to live with Drew. Ryan's still upset about it; he was so excited to spend a weekend with Sadie! All the guys were joking that he loves that dog more than me!

#3: We definitely ate our fill of oysters. We bought 3 bushels for only 8 people. I don't really want to see another oyster for at least 6 months. Haha.

#4: Poor Lindsey got folded up in her tailgate chair! I had to make her smile for a picture before we rescued her.

#5: This is where my sunburn comes into play! The longer we sat outside, the hotter we all got. The sun was beaming down and I finally had to shed my sweater and jeans for a tank top and a pair of shorts! My skin was so happy to finally get some Vitamin D!

And there's a little snapshot of my weekend! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous all week and in the 70's through this coming weekend, which I'm so excited about! Ryan's family is coming this weekend (a St. Patty's Day tradition) and I cannot wait to see everyone!!

I hope y'all took advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend, too (that is, if it's nice where you are)!

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