Friday, March 8, 2013

{Recipe} ~ Lobster Mac & Cheese

If you're looking for a decadent recipe, look no further.

This lobster mac & cheese is a perfect way to impress people with your fancy cooking skills, without being overly complicated and dirtying up every dish in the kitchen.

I had never cooked lobster before, so that was certainly an interesting experience. I couldn't bring myself to buy live lobster (obviously), but I picked up a lobster tail and boiled it in salted water. Ryan actually took care of the hard part and peeled the shell away from the lobster meat while I made the sauce. I would've just bought already-cooked lobster meat, but I didn't see it at the seafood counter at The Fresh Market. Better luck next time!

Ryan and I definitely loved this dish, especially since we paired it with perfectly grilled filets. Who doesn't love surf & turf? Between bites, Ryan mumbled something about it being the best meal I had ever cooked for him, so I consider that a huge win!

Lobster Mac & Cheese
from Annie's Eats


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