Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Update ~ The Lake & Birthdays!

While I really love all the traveling I've been doing lately, turns out, a relaxing weekend was just what I needed to recharge.

Saturday was the day for birthdays. We had 4 friends to celebrate, which made logistics a little difficult. Trent had asked us to come to his lake house to surprise Holly for her birthday, but it was also Ryan's roommate's birthday and two college friends' party (twins)! We decided to split up, that way everyone could attend at least one of the parties! 

I hadn't seen my parents since my birthday, so on Friday night, Ryan and I met them at Nami, our favorite sushi restaurant on the lake in Anderson. Lauren and Tyler picked me up after dinner and we headed to Trent's house, just across the Georgia border, and Ryan went back to Greenville.

Trent had taken Holly out on the boat so we could surprise her when she got back. I think she knew something was fishy, but I think she was excited to have us all there! We enjoyed a low-key night complete with Terrapin beer and a late-night cruise in the pontoon boat. 

Love these girls 
She's so small I have to pick her up for pictures!
Bundled up for the boat ride!
Two more of Holly's friends surprised her on Saturday morning, and our group was complete! We recovered over many mugs of coffee, mini pancake muffins I made (recipe coming soon), and egg and cheese sandwiches. It rained in the morning, but the sun came out for the rest of the day for us to enjoy the lake. 

Sunday will be spent doing nothing, minus my 5 mile long run. 

Hope everyone is ready to tackle another week! 

(Side note: 2 more weeks until college football. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.)

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