Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Update ~ Birmingham, AL

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was full of spontaneity and I failed to take a single picture. #Blogdocumentingfail.

During training Friday, our United Way campagin leader at work asked me if I wanted two tickets to the Drive game to sit in our company's box for helping out with the campaign. I jumped at the chance to sit in the box with my coworkers! I love having a minor league team whose stadium is within walking distance from our apartment. The game was fun (we won!) and the fireworks show afterwards was pretty too. We met up with some friends who live downtown with plans to hit up our favorite bar (the one with the awesome DJ). Little did we know the second we started to walk to the bar, the bottom dropped out and we got soaked! Ha, nothing like a little run in the rain to count as Friday's exercise! We danced for two hours straight and finally made the walk home after we were completely worn out.

Ryan and I had made pretty spontaneous plans on Friday night to go visit our friend Bobby, who just moved to Birmingham for PA School. It was his first weekend in his new city and his roommate happened to be out of town, so we decided to head down and keep him company for the rest of the weekend. I hadn't seen Bobby since his dad's funeral in April, so I really wanted to make the effort to go visit him. I woke up early Saturday, showered, and packed, but Ryan was not a happy camper to have to wake up so early. I promised him he could sleep in the car while I drove. While he packed a bag, I instantly started feeling sick (hello food poisoning flashback...). I was laying on the bathroom floor and Ryan was trying to convince me we should just stay home. I hated to disappoint Bobby since I had already told him we were coming. We made a pit stop for some Pepto and got in the car anyway, with Ryan at the wheel. I finally felt a little better halfway through the drive, but still wasn't able to eat much food or really partake in our bar-hopping festivities in B'ham. I've never really had stomach issues before but it's really starting to be a real drag! We all know how much I love food!

I was in Birmingham in February for work, but was staying on the south side of the city in Hoover, so I never felt like I really got to explore. Bobby lives right downtown, near UAB, so when we got to his place around 2 pm, we hopped in the car so he could give us a tour. We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up and watching the Olympics. We had plans to walk to a nearby Mexican restaurant, but the weather had other plans. It stormed for over an hour and we finally made it outside for dinner around 8 pm. Rojo was delicious...I just wish I could've enjoyed my food a little more!

We walked downtown afterwards and had so much fun people-watching. We ran into someone from Clemson the second we stepped into the bar. Haha, the south is such a small world! We even had a front row seat to a catfight between two girls. Pure entertainment.

I hated to leave Bobby so soon; we were only there for 24 hours! We had lunch and said our goodbyes and were back on the road again. Bobby isn't looking forward to the full-time schedule of studying, so hopefully we'll be able to make it back to visit when he's not so busy!

Catching up with friends makes my heart happy. I haven't laughed that much in a long time!

Off to bed early - this weekend has left me exhausted. But as they always say...


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