Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 2 ~ Spinx Half 10.27.12

Training is going well! Some mornings I really don't want to get out of bed, so I mentally check my calendar to see if I can fit in a run after work. If not, I drag my butt out of bed. As long as the run happens at some point during the day, I guess it doesn't matter when!

This upcoming week will be challenging as I have 3 after-work activities during the week, meaning I must run in the morning. I'll be looking at early bedtimes then!

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 3 miles

Nice run after work. The last mile was obviously the hardest. I just wanted to be done and couldn't will my legs to move faster.

Wednesday - 3 miles, pace

My goal is 10 minute mile pace for the half, and I am running most of my runs faster than that pace. I need to remind myself to slow down. No wonder I'm winded during and after my runs! I set the pace on the treadmill and stuck with it. It felt better to take this run a little slower.

Thursday - Rest

I was supposed to run 3 miles on Thursday, but when my alarm went off, I just couldn't wake up. I had even gone to bed decently early the night before. I listened to my body and slept for another hour. I had dinner plans with Ryan, so I just decided to move my run to Friday morning. Compromise!

Friday - 3 miles, .20 mile walk between each mile

I love running at the gym in Ryan's apartment, because there's a tv! I watched the morning news while getting my 3 miles in. I forgot to take water with me and was parched the whole time! My mouth gets so dry from breathing that I need water, even for short runs! That certainly won't happen again!

Saturday - Rest


Sunday - 5 miles

Oh, long runs. The weather was iffy all day Sunday. When I first woke up, it was raining, so I gave it some time to clear up. I charged my watch, got dressed, laced up my shoes, and when I walked out of my apartment, it was pouring again. Plan B. I went to Ryan's apartment to get on the treadmill (again, because of the tv). I wasn't about to spend an hour on a treadmill with nothing to keep me entertained!

This run kind of sucked. The first 3 miles flew by, and I only stopped to walk at 1.5 miles. When I started running again at mile 3, my hips started to hurt and then everything fell apart. I have notoriously bad hips, but I thought my new shoes (Brooks!) would help. This hip pain was on the outside though, so I probably just need to spend some quality time with my foam roller.

I actually cheated on this run and did the last mile on the elliptical. I know it's not the same as running, but I tried to keep the same pace and upped the resistance a bit. I was afraid if I kept going, my hips would really be hurting, so I decided to cut my losses and finish on the elliptical. Hopefully after some stretching and a day of rest, I'll feel better for Week 3!

Happy Running!


Anna said...

Yea lady, keep up the good work!

ps. meant to tell you I loved all of the DFW pics and adventures, glad y'all enjoyed it!

Charlotte said...

Thank you!

Also, I failed miserably at visiting all your suggestions in Dallas..I have them saved for next time! (I was especially bummed about The Stockyards)