Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wedding Season

Well, it's Tuesday. I got back from vacation on Sunday night and spent yesterday fighting jet lag sitting at my computer for 8 hours.  Why can't every week be like summer vacation?

I can't wait to recap my entire trip (which will have to come in multiple posts due to the picture overload coming your way), but I have to rewind back two weekends for the recap of Jordan and Jessica's wedding!

Jordan and I met in grad school and became fast friends. He introduced me to Ryan and he's the reason I'm friends with 85% of the people in my life currently.

He and Jessica have been dating for almost 10 years!! We went to an engagement party for them back in March where they play that couple game where they ask the couple the same question and they have to write down what they think is the answer. Their first date was watching "Finding Nemo" at their grandparents house in 8th grade! I'm sure they're happy to finally, officially be Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

I went down to Columbia on Saturday for the wedding festivities, and tagged along with Lauren and Tyler since Ryan was in the wedding and busy taking pictures most of the afternoon.


The wedding and reception were absolutely gorgeous and we had the best time celebrating our first friends to get married!

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