Friday, May 31, 2013

Blog Everyday in May - Day 31

Today's topic: A vivid memory

For some reason, my entire year of grad school is one extremely vivid memory. The rest of my college years all run together, but grad school feels like it was yesterday.

I remember every night out, every day of class, every hour wasting away in the library studying for the CPA exam.

I remember sledding down the dike by the lake in a kayak and breaking into Death Valley (Clemson's football stadium) on the night it snowed.

I remember 11 of us enjoying our last spring break ever at my parent's beach house in Litchfield.

I remember the crazy, fun summer. Hours spent in the library, and then hours spent relaxing at the lake and by the pool (even if it did mean taking my CPA flashcards with me).

And I remember it all being worth every. single. second.

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Staci said...

Yay for grad school...and I feel exactly like you do. College is one big blur to me but I feel like I remember every little detail of grad school...and it feels like we just finished.