Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blog Everyday in May - Day 26

Today's topic is relatively simple: Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss.

I read a lot of articles on Thought Catalog. Sometimes they're funny and make me laugh, and others are serious and make me think.

I can't find the original article because it was a few weeks back, but I liked the article enough to write down a quote out of it and save it on my phone.

"So, instead of worrying about The One, forget about that and be The One You Would Want To Be With. Go running every night, smile at every person you meet, pick up that James Joyce novel you've been putting off, start writing again, join a support group to work out your issues, go back to get another degree, help old ladies accross the street, take Tai Chi to learn to let go, get involved at the local community center and/or take a cooking class. Push yourself to get out and be better; you can't control who you meet, but you can control who you are when you meet them. You probably won't find perfect. However you might find the thing you didn't know you were looking for all along."

I waited as long as possible to write about this on my blog, but this is a journal of sorts for me so it didn't feel right to not mention it at all.

A little less than a month ago, Ryan broke up with me. After a year and a half, he walked into my apartment and blindsided me with the fact that he wasn't happy. Apparently, busy season was not fun for him either and I wasn't fun to be around anymore.

While I don't entirely believe that things are over forever (he wants space and time, I want to work on managing my work-stress a little better), I know I need to change some things.

And man, I loved this quote from this article. It's so true.

I love my job. I really do. But sometimes I have to remind myself why. When I'm working 12 hours a day for 4 months straight, it's kind of hard to remember why I'm a CPA and why I decided to do this voluntarily.

It's all about attitude. I can't expect Ryan to be sunshiney and positive when I come home from work grumpy and cranky and snapping at him about every little thing.

This has been quite the wake up call. But like all things in life, they happen for a reason.

And on a lighter note, as I'm coming up on my 25th birthday, this article made me smile.

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Anonymous said...

I love that quote and once I'm done lurking around on your blog I'm going to hop on over and check out those links. I've got to say - you have a great attitude. Good luck!