Wednesday, June 26, 2013

iPhone Love

I have a coworker that I love working with because he's always just discovered the greatest new iPhone/iPad/whatever apps. We're both kind of nerds like that and we spend half the day talking technology. It always makes me think that there are a million apps out there that are amazing and I just don't know about them! Here are a few of my favorites that I use daily hourly.
Here are all my pretty apps!

Sleep Cycle
The nerd in me really likes this app. You can set a time range that you'd like to wake up and the alarm will gradually sound during this time to wake you up slowly instead of your alarm blaring while you're in the middle of a deep sleep! It then shows you a little graph of your sleep quality. Above is a little screenshot of my night last night after I stayed up WAY TOO LATE watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I cried at least 5 times in as many episodes. Oops.

I just found out about this app but I'm loving it. Every day, you log at least three moments that made you "happy" that day. It can be something major like "I BOUGHT A NEW CAR" or something silly like enjoying an afternoon run or a bubble bath. You can also attach pictures to go with your "moment." I like to take the time right before bed to think about some happy moments from my day instead of focusing on something negative and going to be grumpy!

Another game-changing app my coworker told me about! You can HANDWRITE notes on your iPad and the app print and mails it for you in your own handwriting! How freakin' cool is that? Note to all family and friends: you're about to get weekly cards because I just want an excuse to use this app all the time.

Share with me your favorite apps so I can get to downloading!

(Side note: excuse the blog design for the moment - it's a hot mess while I'm getting a re-design by Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Designs!!)


Jennie said...

Those look like good one! I need to get that sleep one. My mom is the same way believe it or not, she always knows the best apps!

Anna said...

Catching up... I LOVE Happier, it's such a fun app-I'll have to find you on there! CONGRATS on the new car, once I switched to a SUV I'll never go back. And of course, loving the new blog design!! I'm still waiting for mine to come along and then I'm back in business!