Friday, June 21, 2013

Confidence Boost

Happy Friday pretties!

I'd like to get all serious and reflective for a hot second.

Yesterday may have been one of my favorite days of all time.

I had a breakfast meeting with one of the partners of our firm. This is where she told me I was getting promoted to "Senior" (from the "staff" level) and then booked us massage appointments to celebrate. HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE MY JOB??

Then, our meeting got better! She gave me a lot of positive feedback from my reviews from different audits throughout the year ("Clients love you!" "Everyone loves working with you!") and then threw out a huge surprise: they want me to be in charge of recruiting for our Greenville office. ME! I absolutely had no idea this was coming. I have been helping with recruiting since I first started working (attending recruiting events, taking potential new hires to lunch, etc.) but I can't even fathom being in charge of everything! And as if I wasn't already freaking out, she told me, "Keep in mind, the future of our firm relies solely on recruiting." Oh, NBD, NO PRESSURE!

But she did say something that will likely stick with me forever. She told me that my personality is 75% of what I bring to the table. She said you just can't teach people how to come to work with the positive attitude that I seem to have. I wanted to jump up from the table and hug her right then and there. I practically skipped instead of walked for the rest of the day!

As if that wasn't a spectacular morning, my coworkers and I went to Tupelo Honey for lunch. The restaurant just opened on Tuesday and Lauren and I went for dinner on opening night, too! The hostess may or may not have recognized me. Oops! But y'all, it seriously is some of the best food ever.

Then, I got to go bowling with the interns at 2 in the afternoon! Thanks interns, for getting me out of work for the rest of the day!
When I left the bowling alley, my mom called and said my car had made it to the dealership. I quickly emptied out my old car and made the switch. I can't believe I have a new car! I'm so stinkin' excited.

Then I met up with friends at the Drive game for $1 beer night and we had an absolute blast. Sarah kept running around telling everyone that Lauren and I had gotten promoted that day so everyone bought us drinks and kept high-fiving us constantly. I was grinning from ear to ear the entire night.
The sun set on the most perfect day I've had in a long time.

I went to bed with a happy heart.


Jessica @ City Sequins said...

YAYYY this is all so awesome! Congrats on the promotion and your new recruiting responsibility..that is amazing!! Sounds like a freaking wonderful Thursday hahaha :) I am thrilled for ya!

Areeba said...

Congratulations gal! Gosh, I want to go bowling now.
Got you from Sarah's blog. Can't wait to stalk ya!