Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Update

It seems like I only have time to show up on Monday morning around these parts.  Honestly, all of these recruiting events for work are kicking my booty. I got home after 10 pm three nights in a row last week, after leaving the house before 8 am. Woof.

This weekend, I got to cross another item off my list (visit a food truck!), celebrate the engagement of two great friends (except I managed to not take a single picture of them), and get my life organized before I hop on a plane to California on Friday (more on that later)!
We traveled to the lake to surprise Holly the morning after Trent proposed! I definitely think she was shocked when she came up the stairs to find over 30 of her closest friends and family (2 of her college roommates had driven over 10 hours)! A champagne brunch followed while everyone "oohed and aahed" over the ring. The cutest part was Trent had bought an "engagement ring" for Holly's dog Riley, too!

After raining the entire day Saturday, the sun came out for a mere 30 minutes to show off a magical sunset.

Happy days celebrating friends! Linking up with Sami this fine morning!


Sam @ said...

I love food trucks...and champagne, so this looks like a great weekend ;) I'm sure your friend was thrilled to have everyone there!!

Nichole said...

Food trucks are my fave! Congrats to your friends, love the surprise party!

Lauren said...

Jealous about your CA trip! Hope it's for more play tan work!