Friday, September 13, 2013

Mumford & Sons

Not going to lie, pretty excited that it's Friday. This week has flown by but also took forever, but maybe I should stop going to concerts on a school night Wednesday.
My favorite people and I saw Mumford & Sons in Greenville, and while I can't say it was my favorite concert (Is it just me or do all their songs sound the same?), they put on a great show. The pretty sunset beside the stage didn't hurt either!

Bonus: I crossed off #61 again!


Lauren said...

IT'S JUST YOU! Seriously, I love them, but repeated listenings of both CDs and the Live from Red Rocks means I pretty know each song inside and out, from banjo solo to bass line to bringing in the string quartet. But if you are a more casual fan then I guessss I can see how perhaps some of their songs are slightly similar. But only a little :)

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