Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Update

Weekend recaps can start on Wednesdays, right? The beauty of being the author of this little blog here is that I can make my own rules!

Two friends of mine and I decided spontaneously to travel to Charlotte on Wednesday night to see John Mayer. I've seen him in concert 4 times now, but neither Kirby nor Sarah had, so I was more than eager to share with them the amazingness that is Johnnie May (yes, that is his official nickname).

We jammed to his new CD and all of his oldies on the drive up, and didn't get home until 2 am, but it was most definitely worth it. I'll see him a million times more...(crossed #61 off the list)!

Unfortunately, our girl Sarah moved to Philly on Friday morning, so we also spent Thursday night celebrating her last night in Greenville. That of course included cheering on her beloved Ravens (even if they did lose). I'm going to miss her like crazy! Can't wait to start planning a trip to Philly to visit her though!

The remaining theme of the weekend was football, as that's all I did Saturday and Sunday. Cheered my Tigers onto victory again (#3 in the nation baby) and won my first week of Fantasy football against Lauren!

I love when my mom surprises me with little goodies! I've been wanting this J.Crew bracelet forever!

Happy Monday everyone! Linking up with Sami!


Jenn said...

WOW! You had an amazing extended weekend!

Glad you had a good time at the concert, I've seen John Mayer once and he is awesome!

Love the football-ness of the rest of your weekend too! I'm sooo happy its back!


Nichole said...

Ohhh Johnny Boy, how I love thee. Um, I am in lust with your watch!

walking dot photography said...

Aw, sounds like a great weekend! And yes - the best (only good?) part about friends moving crazy far away is getting to plan awesome trips to see them!

Lauren said...

Girl you kicked my butt! Congrats!

And get out of town, I refer to John Mayer as Jonny May too! I have never seen him in concert. So sad!

Love that bracelet!