Sunday, May 6, 2012

What I'm Loving...

What a wonderful weekend! Cinco de Mayo is probably a favorite holiday for two reasons: it combines my love of all Mexican foods (and drinks) and an excuse to spend a day by the pool. This holiday in college usually marked the end of exams, so everyone was relaxed and happy, sipping margaritas by the pool. This year was no different, even though we're in the "real world" now. Ryan was playing golf yesterday, so I saved our Mexican fiesta for today instead. And the sun is actually shining today! Next post will be filled with glorious new Mexican-themed recipes!

I've been meaning to do a post about some of my recent finds! But first things first:

This trilogy has consumed me for the past week. The first book was off to a rocky start. These books were not something I would originally pick up off the shelf, given the content and genre, but it's been sweeping the nation, and I wanted to find out what the buzz was all about. While I couldn't decide if I loved or hated the first book, I was engrossed and had to keep reading. I finished all three books in a week (Lauren is convinced I should quit my job and become a speed reader so I can appear on Jeopardy...we'll see about this theory). I'm glad I kept reading. The books got so much better as the story developed (and got less creepy). The main character drove me nuts and the writing wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't like I invested my life into these books. I don't think I'd run out and tell everyone they HAVE to read these, because they're hard to swallow at some points. But I can understand the fascination! I'm so excited to have time to read again. I'm looking forward to some books that have been on my "to-read" list for quite some time (and a vacation in a few short weeks so I can indulge)!

Now for some fashion! I went shopping a few weeks ago, at J.Crew and at the outlets. After a few days of wearing some pretty drab outfits (black, tan, grey, white), I felt like I needed a little color in my wardrobe. I used to work in a Lilly Pulitzer store, so for years, my closet was full of nothing but brightly patterned sundresses. Once I started working as an accountant, most of my wardrobe was inappropriate for an office environment. I've dialed it down quite a bit, and actually haven't bought anything from Lilly in SO long. I still try to put some sass into my outfits every now and then. 

I headed to J.Crew, knowing that their spring/summer collection was full of bright colors. I picked up just a few things, but have already received compliments on my new items. Why is it so fun to buy new clothes? Here's my purchases, all from J.Crew

The pants are a cream linen, with a tiny herringbone pattern. I'm in LOVE. The red shirt is also linen, and has button detailing on the shoulders. I haven't had a chance to wear the pink top yet, but it will probably make an appearance in the very near future.

Another purchase I made for summer, are these TOMS:

They're an exclusive color from Nordstrom. I have a grey pair of TOMS that I wear all the time, so much so that I've already worn a hole in the toe. I wanted to replace those, but know I won't be wearing a ton of closed-toe shoes over the summer, so I'll wait until the fall to buy a new pair. 

I coveted this crochet pair last year, but they only came in cream and black. My knack for getting white things dirty made me shy away from the cream, even though I loved them. When I saw these online, I knew they were going to be a winner. They've shipped and should be arriving on my doorstep soon. I can't wait! AND they're in my new favorite color!!

I'm also lusting after these earrings from Anthropologie

They're just so simple and pretty! 

On a happy note, I wanted to leave you with Lululemon's manifesto, which I saw on someone else's blog and loved enough to save it to my desktop. Enjoy!


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