Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{Recipe} ~ Chinese Cabbage Slaw

This is one of my favorite "salad" recipe options. It makes a huge batch and is great for serving with hamburgers from the grill! You can throw it together pretty quickly, just add the dressing right before serving to keep it from getting soggy.

Chinese Cabbage Slaw

Green Ingredients
1 head Napa cabbage
3-4 green onions (scallions)

1 package Raman noodles
¼ cup of butter
1 2oz package of sliced almonds
1/4 oz sesame seeds

3/4 cup of Salad oil (I usually use Olive Oil)
2 tablespoon of Soy sauce
2/3 cup of sugar
1/3 cup of Cider Vinegar

1. Crush Raman Noodles in package. Brown broken noodles and almonds in a large skillet with the melted butter. Add sesame seeds when noodles are almost done.  Set mixture on paper towel to cool.
2. Cut raggedy leaves off Napa cabbage head and discard. Slice head in half or quarters, then chop as thinly and uniformly as possible.
3. Slice roots off green onions, slice thinly until you get a good mix of white bottoms and green  tops.
4. Mix dressing ingredients and shake vigorously.
5. Mix noodles, green and dressing in large bowl, do not put dressing on until just ready to serve.


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