Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Update ~ Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I have probably the greatest mom in the whole world. She still takes care of me even though I'm grown and not living at home. Just today, when she came into my apartment and realized I hadn't taken out my trash, she gathered it all up and carried it out. She took all my recycling, too! Hope you had a great day, Mom! I love you!

It's been a really rainy day in Greenville. I spent most of it celebrating Mom and napping. But let me back up to Friday night, where all good weekend recaps begin!

I worked until noon on Friday, then spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool with Ryan. It was such a pretty day! I showered and we were ready to head out for the evening. We were going to Cafe And Then Some to celebrate Becky's birthday. Becky is my mom's best friend, and she and her husband Ted have been friends with my parents since they moved to Anderson before they even had kids. Becky is like my 2nd mother! She always has great book recommendations for me!

Cafe And Then Some is a restaurant in Greenville where a few actors and actresses put on a play after dinner. They serve dessert during intermission. The play is usually pretty inappropriate and funny, making fun of local or national events. The last play we went to was called "Sanford in Love" and centered around the Appalachian Trail/Brazilian mistress scandal that our SC Governor got himself mixed up in. This play was called "Politics for Dummies," and was about the presidential election. We all decided it wasn't their best performance, but there were still some good laughs. I failed to get a group picture - bad blogger!

Homemade Sin - the BEST dessert

Ryan and me in the parking lot afterward (poor lighting)
I slept in Saturday (after first waking up at 6 am and forcing myself to fall back asleep). I enjoyed my coffee and some TV before packing a small bag and heading to Anderson for the day/night. My mom, sister, and I went shopping (picked up some new workout clothes, heck yes!) and then went to the grocery store to pick up supplies for dinner. Dinner was steak kebabs and Chinese Cabbage Slaw (recipe coming next). Yum yum. While at the store, I found this new cider we had tried a few weeks earlier at the beer fest. It's finally in stores! I was so excited to find it.

We had a mini-reunion with Katie's two best friends from high school, whose husband and boyfriend also joined us. We went to the wine bar and another local pub for a few hours. Never a dull moment when reminiscing on people we went to high school with..

Sunday, we went to church and then Katie packed up to head back to California :( We had brunch in Greenville at The Bohemian, which had a buffet for the occasion. 

I cleaned my room a bit, popped in a Friends DVD and napped until dinner time. I'm hanging out with Ryan tonight before packing and heading to Roanoke, VA for a few days for work. We're leaving at the ripe hour of 6 am tomorrow to make the drive. I'm a little bummed about messing up my (new) workout routine but hopefully I'll be back in time for Kettlebells on Wednesday night! Plus, traveling for work can be fun, and I've never been to Roanoke before!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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