Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On The Road Again

I've just returned back to Greenville after a trip to Roanoke, VA for work. Traveling for work is a pretty new concept for me. I went to Savannah, GA and Birmingham, AL during busy season and will be heading back to Virginia two more times this summer. I do enjoy the traveling, but it gets a little lonely in that hotel room after a few days! I managed to frequent the hotel gym both nights (3 miles on the ellipitcal on Monday and this treadmill workout on Tuesday - another 3 miles). Lauren and I made it to Kettlebells tonight, too! I can't get enough of that class - I wish they taught it every night!

Back to Roanoke. I had never been to the city before, although my grandparents live in Virginia and I've frequented the state my whole life. The closest I've been to Roanoke recently was a trip to The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA a few years ago.

Roanoke far exceeded my expectations. The whole state of Virginia is so pretty, with interstates and cities just built into valleys and the mountains as far as the eye can see in every direction.

Gorgeous right?

The downtown (which was where we were working) was much bigger than I thought and we ventured to the City Market for lunch and dinner on Tuesday (once it finally stopped raining and we could walk outside without making a mad dash for the car).

Painted on a building
We had lunch at The Blues BBQ Co. and it was delicious! The hushpuppies were HUGE and served with this to-die-for peach honey butter. I should've gotten the recipe! Yum!

Really cool bar stools

Now I'm back and planning to relax (and stay put) this weekend. Ryan and I originally had plans to go deep sea fishing in Charleston with his college roommates on Saturday, but the seas are supposed to be too rough for fishing. I'm kind of bummed, but also a little relieved because I'll be able to get some things done this weekend before I leave for Arizona next Saturday! This includes a deep clean of my room, going through my closet, and starting a packing list!

Happy Wednesday to you all!


Anna said...

Traveling for work can definitely get tiring, my first job was on the road and now I think back and miss it all the time so take advantage of getting to see new places! ps. Love the new blog design!

Charlotte said...

I had never been to Birmingham or Roanoke before so I was trying to get a feel for the city in such a short amount of time! I definitely enjoy new places! I'm always up for an adventure! I'm really jealous of your old job - I would've loved all that travel! Except living out of a suitcase gets old real quick!

And thanks! I obviously got bored in the hotel and worked on a new design! :)