Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Things Thursday

Well, it's that time again! Time to start being thankful! Work has been especially slow this week (see ya busy season). Not sure if I'm adding that to the list of things I'm thankful for yet or not...Moving on.

I'm thankful for date nights. Usually Ryan and I are both busy after work from eating, working out, to working late, we sometimes don't get to see each other until 9:30 pm or later, if at all. So on Tuesday, I promised to cook him dinner (pork chops w/pineapple fried rice, obviously). I managed to get home from work and the grocery store early, so I even whipped us up some appetizers! Okay, so maybe "whipping up" isn't the right term. I sliced the cheese and poured the wine and put it on a pretty plate. :)


I'm thankful for this little purchase at Target. Seriously, how cute are these? Mini Luna bars? I had no idea they even existed.

I'm thankful for rainy evenings in my pajamas. It rained all day yesterday. Perfect nap weather. Unfortunately, a nap wasn't in the cards because of a little thing called work. So instead, when I got home from work and the gym, I put on my pjs at 7 pm, got in bed with a bowl of popcorn, and crossed 2 movies off my "to see" list (Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Fighter).

I'm thankful for tax refunds. It makes it a little better that the government is giving me a smidge of the money I earned back to me. I'm also thankful I didn't have to do my own tax return. Worst accountant ever? Probably. Sorry I'm not sorry.

I'm thankful for having the greatest nachos in the world for lunch (this may just be my personal opinion..jury's still out). One of the greatest things about working downtown is being able to walk somewhere for lunch. When we're all in the office (which is rare for us traveling audit people), we always get a group together. I've been in the office for the past two weeks, and I've actually been thankful to go home for lunch (so much cheaper and healthier). But after the "official end of busy season," we decided to splurge. Enter Chicora Alley. An extremely underrated, amazing restaurant/bar. I realize that this picture looks a little gross. But trust me, it was delicious. And yes, I ate every.last.bite. Chicora makes their own salsas, including a grape salsa, mango salsa, corn salsa, and guacamole. On a related note, I could eat nachos all the time. I even ate them for dinner on both Friday and Saturday two weekends ago. Oops.

I'm thankful for $1 beer night at the Drive stadium. Yes, that's where I'm headed on this lovely 75 degree evening. Put a Strawberry Abita in my hand on the porch while writing this post before I leave and you have one happy girl.

I hope everyone has things to be thankful about today, too! There's usually ALWAYS something!

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