Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Things Thursday Remix

Hi! Apparently I've gotten in the habit of only posting weekend recaps or my weekly "Thankful Things Thursday" post. This has got to stop! I promise I'll stop being so busy and I'll be back to more consistent posts! I've got some good ones planned already!

I think I'm going to shake this post up a bit. Instead, we're calling it "Things I'm Looking Forward To Thursday: Summer Edition!"  Since we've finally gotten through to the other side of busy season and I can return to my social life, I realized I've got a lot of things to be excited about this year. I love making lists, so let's just combine the two!!


  • Atlanta Braves Opening Day/Civil Wars Concert
  • Clemson Spring Game
  • End of Busy Season Audit Party
  • Trip to Litchfield (hopefully!)
  • Lauren and Rachel's Birthdays
  • FAMILY VACATION to Arizona for Memorial Day (yay, Grand Canyon!)
  • Father's Day
  • Mom's Birthday

  • Independence Day by the pool
  • Week-long trip to Litchfield
  • Ryan's 25th Birthday (two days after mine)
  • Trip to San Antonio to see Ryan's Dad's family and 3 high-school friends
  • Trip to Dallas to see Ryan's Mom's family


  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Clemson vs. Auburn in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome (Labor Day Weekend)
  • Official start of college football!


  • Dad's Birthday trip to the mountains
  • Half Marathon #2 in Greenville
  • Halloween (not a favorite of mine, but people seem to get really excited)


  • Three back-to-back home games in Death Valley
  • Thanksgiving! (Tied with Christmas for my all-time favorite holiday)

  • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve

This post has gotten me so excited about the upcoming year! I'm pretty excited I have this blog now so I can journal things before they happen and as they happen (and include pictures)! I have so many things to look forward to and be thankful I'm able to travel and enjoy time with friends and family. Hope you all are excited about the rest of 2012, too!

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