Thursday, January 16, 2014

With 2013 In My Rearview

One of my favorite things about this blog is being able to look back: on a fun vacation, a weekend in Greenville, or just mundane musings on a Wednesday.

I can't say 2013 was one of my favorite years. Sure, when I look back, I had a lot of fun, but I distinctly remember being sad for a decent amount of time. My feelings about 2013 can be summed up with one quote:
Here's my recap of 2013 in a nutshell!

I got a promotion and took a new role in Recruiting
I bought a new car
Celebrated turning a quarter of century old in Asheville with the best friends
I created a list of 101 things I'd like to accomplish in 1001 days
My dad turned 60!
+ I celebrated my 2 year work anniversary
The blog turned one!

I lost both of my grandparents, on the same day
A boy broke my heart
I house-hunted for a bit, and then gave up

New Orleans for Jazz Fest
Asheville (spring at the Biltmore)
Lake Tahoe (gorgeous)
Napa Valley
San Francisco
Malibu for a reunion with my college roommates

I crossed 3 states off my list this year: Louisiana, Nevada, and New Jersey (over halfway there now!)

I asked a lot of "why?" and "how?" this year. I'm hoping 2014 has the answers.

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Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

I love that quote! I feel the same about 2013... I'm hoping 2014 has the answers, or is at the very least an improvement. Not that 2013 was all bad, it just wasn't a year I'll look back on as one of the BEST years ever.