Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Update

I only have 3 pictures to show for this weekend. That either means I was busy having way too much fun to snap pictures, or I didn't do anything worth taking a picture of! I'd like to think it's somewhere in between...
Our firm holds an annual United Way campaign, and this year's theme was "Peace, Love, & United Way." We all got to participate in casual day on Friday and wear our themed tie-dye t-shirts to the office! We had our final celebration Friday night, which included BBQ, the Thomas Creek brewery truck, cornhole, a live auction, and a raffle! I managed to win a gift card to one of our favorite breakfast places, Mary Beth's!

Saturday night, we had another United Way event for the Young Philanthropists, which included a band, food, and drinks in NoMa Square downtown. Who doesn't love two events in a row with free food and alcohol?

On Sunday, what do you do when you realize you've made the filling for chicken pot pie but can't find your pie dish anywhere? You improvise and create a square crust and casserole!

Not pictured Sunday: the 3 hours of work I managed to bust out at Starbucks, a 2 hour nap, a much-needed haul to Trader Joe's, and another few hours spent by the pool.

This week is going to be busy busy, with my fantasy football draft with Nadine and friends tonight, a recruiting event at USC in Columbia Tuesday night, a recruiting event in Clemson Wednesday night, and hopefully a chance to breathe by Thursday!

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Lauren said...

How do you like your team from the draft? Yahoo gave me a B- but I disagree! And nothing wrong with living life and not taking pics as far as I'm concerned!