Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Update

My bags are packed for another week of work out of town (Asheville this time), but let's recap those 3 beautiful days called the "weekend," shall we?

Even though my brain has been all over the place, I woke up to this sunrise on Friday morning so I knew things were going to be just fine.
I love that my front porch provides the best sunrise view.

After a post-work Friday nap, I was ready to hit the town with my coworkers. These people really are some of the greatest. We started at Roost for some people-watching and live music, then had dinner at Lazy Goat before bar-hopping for the remainder of the evening. All good Friday nights start at 6 pm, right?
I was definitely feeling less than stellar Saturday morning, but since it was conveniently National Lazy Day, I napped on and off and then joined forces with Sarah for an all-day Scandal marathon complete with popcorn, cheese, and hummus. Sarah transported her bed to the floor, and it was fantastic.
I finally became a functioning member of society of Sunday by doing a little laundry, packing for my trip, going for a run, and even enjoying some pool time and Dan Brown's new book, Inferno.
Now it's time to tackle another week! Let's make it a good one!

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Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Yes ma'am all good weekend's DO start at 6 PM on Friday!!! I watched Scandal too. I heard so much about it that I made a point to record the marathon on BET so I can see what all the type is about!

Lauren said...

What a gorgeous sunrise! And I don't think I properly celebrated national lazy day so I hope I can get a do-over!

We are in the same fantasy football league so I thought I would come and say hi!