Monday, May 5, 2014

April Update

This blog has quickly turned into a place where I show up once a month and recap what's been happening while I was away, and I kinda sorta like it that way. From now until the end of summer, I've packed my life full of vacations and activities, so I won't be around much except for the occassional vacation re-cap or life update. If you want to keep up with my daily happenings, you can always find me on Instagram (probably posting pictures of my food)!

April was a busy month, traveling and work-wise. I managed to work longer days so I could have the chance to enjoy my weekends again!

One of my best friends from college, Rachel, is graduating from medical school in a few weeks and moving to Richmond, so I planned a quick getaway to Charleston to see her before she leaves! I didn't quite think it through and picked the busiest weekend in Charleston to drive down (Cooper River Bridge Run weekend), but we had a great time despite the crowds! We ate fantasic meals: tacos at Zia Taqueria, brunch at Poogan's Porch and The Fat Hen, drinks at Leaf and The Gin Joint, and dinner at Blossom. We walked around the city, shopped, got manicures, and generally caught up on life. Rachel got engaged the weekend after I went to visit so now I have another reason to visit - to celebrate!
The next weekend, my parents and I went down to Litchfield for a little R&R. After busy season, I always like to get down to the ocean to recharge, and the weather was perfect for catching a little vitamin D.

I made it down to the beach both mornings to catch the sunrise, which was breathtaking (especially Sunday morning). Although I worked while I was there, I came back feeling more refreshed than when I left!
The next week and weekend were spent celebrating the grand re-opening of our favorite taproom The Community Tap, getting tacos with friends at Asada, and celebrating Easter with my family.

The following weekend was PACKED with activities, because our friend Sarah was back in town from Philly! Several other friends who live nearby (Charlotte, Atlanta, Chapel Hill) also made the drive to Greenville so everyone could reunite with Sarah while she was here!
There was a lot of eating, drinking, girl talk, and of course, selfies. We even checked out a new brewery, Swamp Rabbit Brewery, where we had some friendly competition while playing Scattergories and Apples to Apples. Girls' weekends are the best kind of weekends!

And as if I hadn't had enough trips to the coast in April, Mom and I headed back down to Charleston this past weekend to celebrate the engagement of one of Katie's lifelong friends, Meg. We drove down Friday and stayed with some old friends in their wonderful house on Johns Island, and then headed back after the party Saturday so I could pack for St. Simon's Island for a week for work! All these trips have been so quick, I'd like to stay in one place for longer than 2 days!
Can y'all believe it's already May? I'm so glad the first 4 months of the year are over (because of the long hours at work, obviously) and am ready to start the vacation train this summer! Trips in May and June include Portland, OR with my sister, NYC for Governors Ball Music Festival, and a week at the beach!